Monday, 22 April 2013

Every Dog has its Day

As I mentioned back in February when I posted up the 'Hunter' Hero design, the character has the ability to call upon a companion 'Wolfdog'. Like his master he's quite undomesticated but also highly loyal, in some ways a reflection of the hybrid that he is.

So with this in mind I set about creating the character (above left) I started with a very quick head sketch based upon a collection of imagery and then began rendering in vectors. I'd not gone far before I felt he was looking a little too iconographic, too 'ice hockey team logo' if you know what I mean... :) I reworked the proportions of the facial features to better match the style I'd been working with and later followed that with the comparative proportioning to the body - job done! I did at one point consider a little neckerchief (like mad max's dog - awesome! :)

So then a quick blue/grey respray and some 'pit of hell' style glowing eyes and boom, a 'DireWolf'.

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