Friday, 25 May 2012


Here's one of the characters from a personal game project I have been having great fun developing. I thought it would be interesting to plot the progress and some of my thoughts as I move forward.

So, a little bit of background info...

Due to the limited tile resolution (128x128 pixels) used for each of the characters, exaggeration of certain parts of the anatomy & outfit was key to making the class readable and making best use of the space available. The head area (or hat) and weapon/item equipped in hand is a good indicator to a character class so these two areas have been afforded increased proportions. 

By doing this the character design embraces the limitations of the 'square', assists in character class identification and lends itself in part to the visual direction.

There are quite a number of character classes that are needed and each class needs to be readily identifiable; aside from unique outfit and weapon each class has a distinctive primary hue, in this example purple (obviously! :)  is used for the Rogue class, but I'll cover more of that as I post up more images.