Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bag of Holding

As mentioned before there's a bunch of UI elements that need creating which I've been working on in between other tasks, these are the character equipment set - most are extracted  from the characters, some are reworked whilst others needed creating from scratch.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wild Thing

Okay so its been a while since I posted to the blog...  I've been mainly working on tile sets, backgrounds and the ui, nothing that felt substantial enough to put up, but hey I may just pull together all the icons and tiles at some point and post em up just for the hell of it ;)

That said I did just recently work on the final Hero character class - not that he's the last hero character you meet on your adventure just that its the last one I got round to doing...

I've been chewing this guy over for a quite a while now, he's called the Hunter.

In game play terms he uses a ranged projectile weapon and is accompanied by his trusty companion Wolfdog, generally the dialogue broadly paints him as being a little 'wild and scary' and prone to eating anything he kills.

I really wanted him to look like he lived off the land, the kinda guy who could and had taken down a bear or worse. I pictured him as a mix of Viking, Grizzly Adams and the Bear Man from True Grit so worked that into his design. His weapon I wanted to match with the rest of the fantastical setting so converted a blunderbuss pistol into a chunky hunting rifle to match his proportions. Oh and I gave him an eyepatch, can't beat an eyepatch ;)