Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Dark Side

Heres the design for the Warlock character class, despite appearances he is one of the Heroes and fills the role of the unlikely ally on the Quest. A practitioner of the dark arts his shadow magic allows him to drain the life force of his foes and instil insanity in the weak of mind :O

There are a number of ways I could have gone with the design for this character, but I felt that mixing the clothing of a robed medieval monk with the more youthful emo and goth stereotypes (side swept bangs covering one eye, mixture of black and bright hues, pallor and psychological associations) made for an interesting base onto which to apply the occult symbolism.

As the Warlock uses spell books and talismans for his offensive spell casting I have outfitted him with an Arcane Grimoire and Cursed Skull Fetish. It should be good fun creating the variants of this character class :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Paladin's Progress

After completing a spooky woodland location tile set I've moved my focus back to the characters. As you can see I've begun to work into the Paladin King sketch, here's the work so far.

The Paladin King character class key colour is yellow (argh!), initially I must admit that I was not looking forward it, but after a little thought realised I could take the yellow and make it work for me by treating it as the visually more acceptable and more applicable  (particularly for a kings armour) 'golden'. I also rather like the platinum white inlay which breaks it up.

As I previously thought, after dropping him into the vector package and comparing him to the basic character template its evident I am going to have to make some compromises with certain aspects of his scale to fit him into the wee 128 x128 square; for now I'm working him up as sketched and will hammer him into shape later.