Monday, 13 May 2013

Warlock Update!

Working on the spell VFX for the different characters got me thinking about 'Dark' magic as depicted in the fantasy genre and it typically using black and purple colours. As the Warlock uses this spell type I felt it followed that I should adjust the Warlocks black robe trim from red to match. 

While as I was there I tinkered slightly with his design converting his previously cradled skull into a staff, the pose looks better balanced this way and carrying a staff marks him out as a magic user like the others who also carry staffs (staves?) in the game. I also tore off his sleeves to expose more of his bone white arms and match his generally patchworked robes, it makes him look a little more unhinged and when you meet him he's wondering some pretty inhospitable he's not going to be looking at his best ;)

Oh, and by doing this I caused myself a bunch more work, I've also had to update the Skeleton Warlock (above right) the Orc Warlock and the equipment icons. Damn those VFX!

Check out for more information on the Warlock.