Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pocket Titans

If you cast your eye to the top right  you'll notice that the blog banner has been updated to include the swish new logo and title of our game 'POCKET TITANS' - ta-daaaa! (fanfare) :D 

We've been chasing around a title for our game since its inception, steadily over the development we managed to narrow it down and select a title that compliments the game, out of interest here is some of thinking behind the title:

  • Pocket - because the feature characters are of a diminutive 'chibi' style and the game is for portable devices so fits neatly into your 'pocket'.
  • Titans - because as the characters embark on great and epic adventures where they grow from small unknowns to huge, powerful heroes of legend - 'titans'

The title has a nice contradiction to it, 'Pocket' and 'Titan' being descriptive polar opposites.  Also, thinking ahead, the title is broad enough to allow us to use it when creating future games that potentially may chronicle the adventures of other heroes (or villains) in a number of different (or similar) settings.

So, before creating the logo, John and myself spent some time noting down a set of core values we felt best describe in words what our games logo should be :

  • Fun - the game has a cartoon style and a good sense of humour, it shouldn't take itself too seriously, the 'Pocket' of the title
  • Epic - the story is an epic heroic adventure, the 'Titans' of the title
  • Incorporated Iconography - iconography that represents the game built into the logo typeface itself (also has the potential to be extracted for icons/smaller button logos)
  • Fantasy - the setting is fantastical, the typeface and iconography should make the setting clear
  • Game Palette and Styling - the game has a particular palette and rendering treatment, the logo should reflect this 
  • Bold, Readable and Recognisable - instantly identifiable and readable at all scales, it needs to be dramatic, attention grabbing, our game isn't subtle.

I spent a little time collating a set of existing game logo's that in some way matched one or a number of the values, coupled with our list this effectively narrowed the potential for creative direction before sketching began.

Fast-forward to the end and here's the final logo below. I feel it pretty much ticks all the boxes we set out to achieve, I'm most happy with the iconographic sword that connects the two words of the title - the jewel set pommel for the 'O' and the hilt guard and blade for the 'T'.