Sunday, 24 June 2012

Here's one I prepared earlier...

I'm in the process of creating a few bits and pieces, so in the meantime I thought  I would post up one of my favourite characters that I had created previously.

This little lady is the Hero 'Healer' class, her offensive abilities are less striking than other classes but she comes into her own by providing plenty of beneficial healing buff for her Hero companions in battle.

When creating the characters we agreed on having a proportion that were female, currently they are Healer, Rogue & Ranger.

To help with conversion of assets the female characters use the exact same facial feature positioning as their male counterparts, its only the scale and styling of those features that differ. When designing the female template it took a couple of sketches to hit upon a female face I liked, one that I felt was attractive but strong, good eyes too :) I experimented with plenty of hair, eye and lip colours, but these seen here worked best. As you can see the Healer class is represented by the colour 'White'. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

'Tis but a flesh wound!

Here's the finished Skeleton (Orc) Knight. This guy worked well as a conversion from his Orc counterpart, in fact it worked out so well that he looks better than the Orc Knight :/ ... which has made me want to go back and improve that character design.

Adjustments made to make him a skeletal warrior were a cracked helmet, chipped up armour, shield and sword. I also toned down the lower costume brightness. I'll upload the other versions of the Knight for comparison soon...

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Here's the first of the Orc Skeleton Horde using the skull I recently created - the Skeleton Mage. Rather than using the usual outline I've used a slightly crooked line on his silhouette to accentuate the impression of a  decayed state. I'm quite pleased with the way the Mage assets and new Skeleton assets have combined.

There's much more I 'could' have done with this guy... but I'm keenly aware of the need to use a method that efficiently produces an additional enemy set and  for him to match his Orc, and to a lesser extent Hero counterparts, I'll post those up when I get a chance...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Thought I'd post a bit of work in progress for the upcoming Orc Undead (Skeleton Warriors) I am creating. I decided to kick it off by creating the skull... it proved to be far trickier than I though it would be due to the head shape of the Orcs - notably the massive brow, underbite and jaw, no one else to blame for that but me ;)

Anyway, after much iteration and cursing here's the result, I'll still make some refinements but for now I have a skull for the Orcs that pretty much utilises similar anatomy and page space as the 'fleshy versions' so 'should' make for an easier conversion of the Orcs to an Orc Undead enemy set...

Monday, 4 June 2012


Here is the character I created for the Orc version of the Rogue class. Orcs are one of the races of enemies the Hero characters will face.

Each race of enemies shares the same class list as the Heroes, to ensure that the player can quickly identify the class of enemy they are facing it is important that the enemy classes share  certain similarities with the Hero classes. Primarily, visually this is represented by all classes having a distinct and dominant hue, as described in my last post the Rogue class uses Purple - hence the purple used on the Orc Rogue here. In addition (and where possible) the classes will share a similar pose/silhouette and weapon/outfit.

I wanted to make the Rogue Orc similar enough to be identifiable with its Hero class version, but not so similar so that it looked as though I had merely recoloured the Hero Rogues skin green! ;) So rather than cover the Orcs face with the mask and headband I represented those areas of purple coverage with the a number of tribal tattoo's (usually used more liberally on other Orc designs); I also redesigned the outfit to match the male physique and removed the jewel ornamentation from the daggers whilst making the blades more jagged. I was happy I could retain the topknot of hair and make it work with the Orc as this was a notable part of the Hero Rogues silhouette.