Friday, 26 April 2013

Aaargh! Hit it with a Slipper!

Cracking through the last of the characters now and that means working up some of the more deadly enemies. John has placed in the game a particularly nasty spider that makes quite an appearance later in the second chapter ensnaring hero and enemy alike.

I wanted the enemy to stand out against the blue/green spooky forest in which he hunts so gave him bright red markings, and to make him a bit more imposing applied a 'skull' like motif to his head and face, due to this I have have dubbed him a 'Red Skull Tarantula' :) I sharpened up his pedipalps (kinda like a spider version of arms - no really - I'm learning stuff as I draw!) to make him look a bit more vicious and applied a liberal amount of gooey venom - nice!

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