Sunday, 28 April 2013

Calling All The Heroes

Thought I would put together an image that collects all of the Heroes of Pocket Titans into a single line-up.
Looking at it now I think they do a good job of fitting the brief we initially set (identifiable class 'colours' and distinguishable oversize class specific weaponry & outfit items). Still unsure of which is my favourite, the Healer is definitely up there, but the Mage being the first I created is also a contender :)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Aaargh! Hit it with a Slipper!

Cracking through the last of the characters now and that means working up some of the more deadly enemies. John has placed in the game a particularly nasty spider that makes quite an appearance later in the second chapter ensnaring hero and enemy alike.

I wanted the enemy to stand out against the blue/green spooky forest in which he hunts so gave him bright red markings, and to make him a bit more imposing applied a 'skull' like motif to his head and face, due to this I have have dubbed him a 'Red Skull Tarantula' :) I sharpened up his pedipalps (kinda like a spider version of arms - no really - I'm learning stuff as I draw!) to make him look a bit more vicious and applied a liberal amount of gooey venom - nice!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Every Dog has its Day

As I mentioned back in February when I posted up the 'Hunter' Hero design, the character has the ability to call upon a companion 'Wolfdog'. Like his master he's quite undomesticated but also highly loyal, in some ways a reflection of the hybrid that he is.

So with this in mind I set about creating the character (above left) I started with a very quick head sketch based upon a collection of imagery and then began rendering in vectors. I'd not gone far before I felt he was looking a little too iconographic, too 'ice hockey team logo' if you know what I mean... :) I reworked the proportions of the facial features to better match the style I'd been working with and later followed that with the comparative proportioning to the body - job done! I did at one point consider a little neckerchief (like mad max's dog - awesome! :)

So then a quick blue/grey respray and some 'pit of hell' style glowing eyes and boom, a 'DireWolf'.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Skeleton Pass

Huzzah, third quest map completed! two more to go... So in the time honoured tradition on this blog of waffling on I've added some 'words' to accompany the 'pictures'. Those of you (all 10 of you) that have been following my progress will know I've previously blogged about the thinking behind the quest maps - you can check that out here if you fancy a refresher ;)

So this map is for the area designated on the heroes quest as 'Skeleton Pass' an unstable and perilous part of the kingdom that bridges the gap between the equally unpleasant 'Spooky Forest' and 'Swamp of Doom' (tm). Again the map scrolls over two spans worth of the mobile device, and UI markers are placed to denote the 'event' locations and little dots joining the markers to show  the route our heroes take at each stage of their journey - these markers did inform some of the maps design, but honestly I did go little more nuts on this one for fun, and man did I enjoy painting it :)

Below is a work in progress screenshot from one of the Skeleton Pass quest event areas, as you can see the map serves its purpose by expanding upon the environment art, game play content (Undead Fire Mages & Fire Zones) and atmosphere of the in game battle arena giving the player a greater sense of 'place' within the game world. 
All in all its shaping up quite nicely. Right, enough chat, must crack on with those two last maps...