Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kindred Spirits

So Water and Shadow Spirits were up next and here they are. With all the Spirits I found it really useful to sketch them out first and then work them up as vector illustrations thereafter as its much easier to quickly get down those chaotic curves, erase and rinse-repeat until I'm happy. 

With the Water Spirit, realising the varying density of the liquid was a good challenge and forming a face within the swirl of water that looked 'natural' and at the same time threatening took a few attempts. The leg work done in creation, exporting it as an alpha layer graphic for game use was not as taxing as I thought it might be...phew.

I'd been chewing over the Shadow Spirit since beginning this set of characters, as although it sounded the coolest unlike the others it didn't offer up as many possible solutions. I liked the idea of hair-like tendrils of darkness writhing from a half seen skull so worked that up.

Twenty-five down, nine to go...  :D

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Spirit of Adventure

Here are two of the Spirit characters I've been creating for our game. The Spirits are natural elements that inhabit some of the more remote areas of the game world but they can also be conjured or summoned by the more magical classes to fight in their stead.

With these character designs we wanted to construct them from their element but present them as a swirling floating ethereal  essence rather than the more typical humanoid shaped 'Elementals'. The Spirits do have a certain amount of sentience though, therefore their essence is shaped around a crudely formed face

These two are the Earth and Fire Spirits, next up will be the Water and Shadow Spirits...

Friday, 7 September 2012

We Have Explosive

After completing the Hero, Skeleton Orc & Orc versions of the Warlock character class (I'll post up that set in the same way I did the Rangers at a later date) I put together one of the enemy characters that doesn't have a corresponding Hero version...

Much to the dismay of the Heroes, these pyromaniac anarchists take great pleasure in lobbing gunpowder packed iron balls of explosive chaos in every direction.