Monday, 18 March 2013

Zero to Hero

I'm in the final stretch on the art now and needed to create a 'Civilian' character for some of the game encounters that take place. 

I remembered the very first character sketch I did when working out the style -  at the time I developed this sketch into a basic template character on which to base all the other character classes to come and as I was trying to work out proportions it remains the only human character not to have a 'hat' of some description ;) So it seemed apt to use this guy (with some modification obviously) as the Civilian  (above right). Which got me thinking on where it all began, and as I've never posted him up before I thought I'd add the first character to created based on that initial sketch and template - the Mage (above left).

I managed to dig out that first sketch (below) which I scanned - well actually, I used my camera phone to photograph ;) you can also see the scribbles for the mages staff and his hand.

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  1. I love seeing your hand drawn sketches. I copied how to draw 'a hand holding something' from you at school and I still do it the same way now. In the sketch above, the way the index finger has a fractional gap along the thumb-side edge and top - giving the effect of the three phalanxes curling over - is phenomenal :O