Monday, 4 March 2013

Heaven & Hell

It occurred to me that I never posted up the final Paladin Hero character. He's lived in the game build for quite some time now but every time he popped up on screen the problems surrounding his fitting into the 128x128 square nagged at me - he just never looked as comfortable as the other characters. So recently I pulled him to pieces, rescaled, simplified some of the complexity in components of his armour, adjusted some areas of high contrast which were moire'ing at scale and supplemented his tome (which although nice didn't read well at scale) for a kite shield - much better :)

Standing alongside him is the Undead Skeleton Paladin, I introduced some minor changes (tears, scratches, horned helm, icon swaps and cloak palette) to make him suitably different but readily readable as the Paladin class.


  1. I'm absolutely loving the look of these. What are you using to draw them with? Photoshop, Illustrator or something else?


  2. Hey Wayne - Thanks! :) I'm using a vector package - my favourite - Xara, specifically Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 (the equivalent (MX2013) now available is a snap at £69)...