Monday, 2 July 2012

A range of Rangers...

In a break from tradition I thought I would post up three character designs in one post (the horror!).

Here are the three varieties of Ranger class, from left to right: Hero, Orc & Skeleton Orc - hopefully this provides an example with regard to cohesive single class visual design across races mentioned in previous posts. 

Green clothing over green skin for the Orc Ranger would not be my first choice of combinations but was a necessity due to the above (it was gonna happen with one of the classes! ;), I worked around the issue by grading the cloak lighter near the shadowed skin and darker near the lighter chin, I also exchanged the green body glove of the Hero Rogue for tan body armour for the Orc version. 

The Ranger was particularly challenging with regard to the inclusion of a strung and posed bow and arrow due to the proportions of the character and space available on the tile. Initially I wanted to have the bow pointed downward in a ready but relaxed position, but the distance from upper hand to floor made the pose unworkable, after some reworking I succeeded in a pose that fits the proportions of both character and tile and manages to emphasise the head of the arrow which assists in speed of class recognition - phew!

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