Sunday, 24 June 2012

Here's one I prepared earlier...

I'm in the process of creating a few bits and pieces, so in the meantime I thought  I would post up one of my favourite characters that I had created previously.

This little lady is the Hero 'Healer' class, her offensive abilities are less striking than other classes but she comes into her own by providing plenty of beneficial healing buff for her Hero companions in battle.

When creating the characters we agreed on having a proportion that were female, currently they are Healer, Rogue & Ranger.

To help with conversion of assets the female characters use the exact same facial feature positioning as their male counterparts, its only the scale and styling of those features that differ. When designing the female template it took a couple of sketches to hit upon a female face I liked, one that I felt was attractive but strong, good eyes too :) I experimented with plenty of hair, eye and lip colours, but these seen here worked best. As you can see the Healer class is represented by the colour 'White'. 

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