Monday, 4 June 2012


Here is the character I created for the Orc version of the Rogue class. Orcs are one of the races of enemies the Hero characters will face.

Each race of enemies shares the same class list as the Heroes, to ensure that the player can quickly identify the class of enemy they are facing it is important that the enemy classes share  certain similarities with the Hero classes. Primarily, visually this is represented by all classes having a distinct and dominant hue, as described in my last post the Rogue class uses Purple - hence the purple used on the Orc Rogue here. In addition (and where possible) the classes will share a similar pose/silhouette and weapon/outfit.

I wanted to make the Rogue Orc similar enough to be identifiable with its Hero class version, but not so similar so that it looked as though I had merely recoloured the Hero Rogues skin green! ;) So rather than cover the Orcs face with the mask and headband I represented those areas of purple coverage with the a number of tribal tattoo's (usually used more liberally on other Orc designs); I also redesigned the outfit to match the male physique and removed the jewel ornamentation from the daggers whilst making the blades more jagged. I was happy I could retain the topknot of hair and make it work with the Orc as this was a notable part of the Hero Rogues silhouette.

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