Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ye Olde Pencil and Parchment

Its been a while since I posted, partly due to working on the games location tiles and backgrounds.  I have however had an opportunity to begin pulling together the various ideas we have for the Paladin King character into a sketch.

With some of the character designs I have a clear picture in my head which has allowed me to work them straight up into a graphic, with others I have turned to good old paper and pencil and thrashed it out there. 

To be identifiable The Paladin King needed to be  far more grandly attired than the Knight so his armour is comparatively more elaborate, full plate and with a cape. Being a King it was important his face was exposed (again a differentiator from the helmeted visor of the Knight) and I worked in a crown over his helm. In terms of game play he utilizes the Paladin tropes - words of power and righteousness and melee attacks so he clutches a rather sizeable tome in one hand and...nothing in the other :/ Okay so here is where a large mace (or 'Battle-Sceptre' as I'm calling it ;) will go, I just need to sketch that up too, and adjust the size and position of that gauntlet...

So being a sketch its a rough idea of where I want to go with character, it will undergo some minor changes once I move it into the vector graphic stage, most notably I need to spend some time adjusting the scale of the various elements to fit with the style. Once he's complete I'll post him up! :)

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